For Schools

“Today I used the Discovery Agents app. It was really fun and people were learning more than just sitting down and reading science books.”

-Grade 4 student after completing a Discovery Agents Mission.


As STEM educators, Discovery Agents are leading the 21st century in innovative hands-on learning. We are using advanced tools, such as mobile gaming technology and augmented reality, to enrich curriculum learning proficiencies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields as outlined by the  Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our Mission Maker puts the power to create interactive educational material in the hands of educators everywhere and provides teachers with a measurable curriculum based program.

Contextualized learning is shaping 21st century STEM initiatives. Move to Play and Learn enhances learning by bringing together formal and informal learning practices and resources. By using our products, you will engage students -  introducing them to a new way to play, learn, think and problem solve. We are capturing STEM initiatives in revolutionary gaming technology while enhancing curricular programs across all grade levels. Research from the University of British Columbia has shown that this sort of contextualized learning increases student enjoyment and engagement with content.

To ensure that our curriculum is aligned with STEM and the NGSS, we have researched several tools, including the EQUIP Rubric, put forward by the National Science Teacher Association for inclusion in our programs. We are bringing quality competencies into the formal classroom complemented by the many excellent resources already available in the informal learning sector. 



Key Competencies that have been included from the EQUIP Rubric target include:

  • Connecting instruction to the students' home, neighborhood, community and culture.
  • Providing extra support for students who are struggling to meet the performance expectations.
  • Providing extensions consistent with the learning progression for students with high interest or who have already met the performance expectations.


Discovery Agents is 100% focused on education, so it is completely free to download and has no in-app purchases or advertisements.