“Discovery Agents connects young people to their public lands. Conservation and stewardship remain as important as they were when the Forest Service was founded 110 years ago. We are helping to translate and deliver these values through games and technology, the language of kids today.”

-Michiko Martin

Director , Conservation Education, U.S. Forest Service

The USFS will be launching over 60 new Missions over the next two years across National Forests and Grasslands. Locations will generate more meaningful engagements with Forest Service lands.

The American Recreation coalition has been an invaluable advocate for Discovery Agents and supported many of our relationship building efforts.

Texas Parks and Wildlife have been beta testing the Discovery Agents Mission Builder, in 10 parks across the state. The currently have 6 Mission sites across the state and hope to be in every state park by 2017

AITF has contributed significant resources in order to make sure that Discovery Agents is a leader in innovative educational technology.

The National Research Council  has supported discovery agents in developing innovative, leading edge technologies including: augmented reality, geo-triggered content delivery and many other of the game's innovative technologies

Coca-Cola has partnered with Discovery Agents and the City of LA to launch Agents of Water. This exciting new agency will focus on teaching kids about watersheds and water conservation

Southern California Edison is a supporter of Discovery Agents and has helped create numerous Mission Sites in the Angeles National Forest.

The City of LA has launched 3 additional Mission Sites to their growing roster of DA locations. The new additions, located at Hanson Dam, South Los Angeles Wetland Park and Reseda Park Lake are designated as Agents of Water Mission and were created in partnership with Coca-Cola.

Discovery Agents is always recruiting new agents and mission builders to launch missions! We need passionate people who care about kids and education. There are numerous ways to get involved like: exploring our missions, following #DiscoveryAgents on social media, establishing your own mission, or sponsoring a mission! Give us a shout at today!