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Mission of the Month: Rio Vista Park

posted by Agent A | posted on February 14, 2017


posted by Agent A | posted on September 21, 2016

5 Ways to Get Kids Outside

posted by Agent A | posted on May 02, 2016
It is both impressive and alarming to see a toddler tackle basic tasks on a smartphone. When I was one I was proud of my maneuvering around an echaskech. I’d move those toggles around with finesse creating mini Jackson Pollock-esque masterpieces. Now, the bar has been raised. Toddlers are like, ...

Spending Spring Outside and Other Childhood Things...

posted by Agent A | posted on April 13, 2016
The sounds of a rooster “cockadoodle-doing” and a donkey “hee-hawing” were regular occurrences in the orchestration to the soundtrack of my life growing up on a hobby farm. In ensemble with rustling tall grass, percussive branches swaying, cats meowing, frogs bellowing and the wind causing the trees to dance with ...

Healthy Snacks for Hiking Shenanigans

posted by Agent A | posted on April 06, 2016
When I imagine an epic day spent outdoors, my vision of adventure always seems to include an equally epic lunch. (I’m always hungry!!) Picture the most beautiful sunny day... a single solitary fluffy white cloud perches in the blue sky and greets you as you happily find rest at the ...